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Special Beers

In addition to a regular range of beers, we like to brew something different every month. Other breweries have seasonal beers, but we like to call them 'special beers'. Having said that, all our beers are special.
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Farmer's Ales - Centaur - Click to enlarge Centaur
3.8% A.b.v

Launched at Harwich in 1895, Centaur spent her early life in continental trade and later shipped grain and linseed oil on the East Coast. She is now owned and operated by the Thames Sailing Barge Trust.

Centaur is a traditional bitter with a new English hop Minstrel giving a fruity flavour with a touch of orange and spice.

Farmer's Ales - Captain Ann - Click to enlarge Captain Ann
4.5% A.b.v

Captain Ann Carter was the leader of the Maldon Grain Riots in 1629. She led hungry townsfolk to raid foreign grain ships on the River Blackwater, for which crime she was hung at Chelmsford Goal.

Captain Ann is a malty best bitter brewed to celebrate Maldon’s heroine. It’s made with East Anglian barley and English Fuggles and Goldings hops.

Farmer's Ales - Edward Bright's Stout - Click to enlarge Edward Bright's Stout
4.5% A.b.v

Edward Bright died in 1750, weighing 47.5 stone (305kg) and is buried in All Saints churchyard, Maldon. His waistcoat was the subject of a wager that seven Hundred men would fit inside it.

It is a robust stout full of body – A stout beer for a stout man!

Farmer's Ales - Born To Be Mild - Click to enlarge Born to be Mild
4.7% A.b.v

Back by popular demand!

A full bodied but easy drinking mild, brewed well before May, to be smooth and mature, using the classic Fuggles hop.

Farmer's Ales - molliette - Click to enlarge molliette
3.8% A.b.v

The M.B. Molliette was a concrete barge built in 1919. After an undistinguished career as a barge, she was used for target practice and sunk off Mersea Island in 1942.

Moliette is a light brown ale using an American hop called Cluster, to give gentle spice and blackcurrant tones.

Farmer's Ales - Puck's Delight - Click to enlarge Puck's Delight
3.9% A.b.v

In a Midsummer Nights Dream, Demetrius describes Helena as a ‘goddess, nymph, perfect, divine’, which could also describe this light golden ale – perfect for summer sessions.

Its our Puck’s Folly with a twist and is one of a series of beers we have brewed to celebrate 400th anniversary of Shakespeare’s death.

Farmer's Ales - Puck's Revenge - Click to enlarge Puck's Revenge
5.1% A.b.v

We have revised our 2003 recipe for Puck’s Folly to produce this powerful ale – It will knock ye olde socks off! It’s Pucks with a kick and is one of a series of beers we have brewed to celebrate 400th anniversary of Shakespeare’s death.

Farmer's Ales - Unity - Click to enlarge Unity
4.2% A.b.v

s.b. Unity was a ‘stackie’ designed to carry bulk loads, such as hay. She was built in 1864 and her remains lie in Sampsons creek near Wivenhoe.

Unity is a golden ale brewed with wheat malt for a fuller body. American Pallisade hops give a smooth fruity flavour.

Farmer's Ales - Ella - Click to enlarge Ella
3.9% A.b.v

A tribute to the jazz singer Ella Fitzgerald, but it’s the Australian hop Ella that’s the star of the show here.

A golden ale with peach and tropical aromas.

Farmer's Ales - Maldon Oyster Stout - Click to enlarge Maldon Oyster Stout
5.0% A.b.v

Every year we brew this beer and it is always incredibly popular! It revives an old beer style from around 1900, when a local brewery made ‘oyster feast stout’ to celebrate the annual oyster harvest.

Maldon Oyster Stout has a rich flavour and a long soft finish with hints of coffee. There is a hint of saltiness from the oysters supplied by the Maldon Oyster Company.

Farmer's Ales - AgnesFountain - Click to enlarge Agnes Fountain
4.0% A.b.v

Agnes Fountain are a band of leading folk musicians who have a unique blend of Christmas music. Christmas in Maldon doesn’t start until the Aggies have sung! Agnes Fountain is a slightly sweeter best bitter with a good fruity hop note.

Farmer's Ales - Farmer's Christmas Stout Farmer's Christmas Stout
4.8% A.B.V

A deliciously full bodied beer with lots of coffee and chocolate flavours. Available throughout the festive period. To add to the soft ‘feel’ of the beer, we used a small quantity of Maldon Sea salt.

Contains malted barley, oats and wheat (gluten)

Farmer's Ales - Five Gold Rings Five Gold Rings
3.8% A.B.V

Five Gold Rings is in the style of an American Pale Ale. We have an American hop, Nugget to give this beer character. It is very pale gold with crisp hoppy notes. There are delicate citrus flavours and a long zesty finish. Ideal with your Christmas Roast!

Contains malted barley and wheat (gluten)